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Jan. 1st, 2011

Friends only, sorry! I've been getting spam comments and it's been getting on my nerves.
Introduce yourself and how you know me and I may possibly add you to my friends list.




Mustn't lose hope!
There is still hope!


Still a long way to go, but we'll take it one step at a time!

Clem-istry adventures!

I am nearing my wit's end, and I'm only halfway through Chapter 15 so......
Let me introduce you to my chemistry buddy, Clem!

Is that chlorine in your hair, Clem?!

Hello, Clem!Collapse )

Mushpatch Update

AHHHHH. Okay. I know I've neglected my site and it's lacking in a lot of things.... BUT...!

Anyone who has linked to my site, Mushpatch, needs to go update their links!!
If you linked to my site using pompi.regret-less.org, please change it to http://mushpatch.2ya.com .

(I had two URLs listed on my links page, so if you've already listed my site as mushpatch.2ya.com, then you don't need to do anything.)

My old hostess seems to be inactive, but the site is still up and I can still upload via FTP. But for some reason, when using Google Chrome as my browser, I get a virus warning when I visit my page at pompi.regret-less.org. I don't know if that's just an error reading or what, but just to be safe, I moved most of my site to unfading-scar.net where I house Yumble!. So please change your links. I don't want anyone getting viruses from my site.

And, um, while you're at it, I'd appreciate a banner change, haha. =w=;; (Unless you like the one you have or are too busy to change it...) No direct linking please!

Thanks! And sorry for any inconvenience.

Edit: One more thing, anyone have an art site I can link to?
I check my links often, and I get rid of the dead ones and virus laden ones. (Link exchanges are prone to these.) =w= So I took out some of those, and now I need one more link to make an even row of banners. [See here.] I-It's kind of bothering me that last link isn't aligned with the rest of them. H-haha. So please? Anyone with a 200x40 banner? ;v; Ops, nevermind. I found another dead one, but if you do have a site, do tell!!


Discover the chasms

Will you join me on my journey,
...or are you here just to see if I'll fall off a cliff...?


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